Elite XT Set

Elite XT Set

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Diadem Elite XT is a firm co-poly with a six-pointed star shape. Utilizing Star
Core Technology the string combines a low-friction surface with maximum ball
bite. This string is stiffer than Solstice Power, which results in an explosive
response off the string bed, long lasting tension maintenance and of course spin.


Elite XT should be recommended to advanced players who like a firmer feeling
string. Recreational players without a history of arm issues can use it in a
thinner gauge. Top juniors, college, and professional will have the best results
from Elite XT.


Elite XT can be used in a full bed or hybrid. Recommend hybrid with Diadem
Flash for players who find Elite XT too firm in a full bed. Tension should be
dropped up to 5% from current setup with its high tension maintenance
between stringer and first hit.


Elite XT String Sets are 12.2m in length and come in the following gauges (thickness):

  • 18 (1.15mm) - Best Feel
  • 17 (1.20mm)
  • 16L (1.25mm) - Most Popular
  • 16 (1.30mm)
  • 15L (1.35mm) - Most Durable

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