Tamara Day - Ex-professional touring player - now top tennis academy owner and professional head coach

Breath of fresh air for tennis community!

Diadem has been a breath of fresh air for the tennis community in South Africa for me. When their strings first came out, I tried them and immediately felt that I had much more grip and “rip” on the ball along with more power- the perfect combination for a controlled yet powerful shot. 

All of my top students are now using some combination of Solstice Power, Flash or Elite XT and I have seen a huge increase in results and confidence in their games since then. Very thankful for this string!! 

We were then recently very pleasantly surprised by the launch of their first two racquet models- the Nova and the Elevate. Both great racquets with good looks behind them. 

Most of my coaches are also now playing and coaching with them too. I personally love playing with the Nova 300g and a combination of Solstice Power and Flash strings. 

The balance of this racquet feels so good and I enjoy using Diadem’s grips as well - I have always had a ‘sweaty hands’ issue but these seem to handle it well. 

Overall, all the Diadem products including the small accessories have impressed me tremendously!! The color schemes and well-thought-out designs of everything make me feel professional and the kids (and adults) we coach find it very cool. 

The quality of Diadem is right up there with all of the other top brands that I have been sponsored by and experienced over the many years of my tennis career. 

Very Impressed with and loving Diadem so far! 

Can’t wait to see what comes next… Keep it up!!!”