Diadem was founded in 2015 with a single goal in mind - develop the most innovative, high-quality tennis products in the world to help players maximize their performance. With a team made up of former collegiate, professional players and coaches, Diadem set out to develop new and exciting products that catered to players of all levels looking to elevate their game.  
All Diadem products are designed and developed in global headquarters located in the heart of the hottest tennis market in the USA - Fort Lauderdale, Florida. An extensive research and rigorous testing process ensures that every product developed meets superior levels of quality. Through a combined 100+ years of experience as tennis players and coaches, challenges in the industry were identified where tennis equipment has failed its players, and solutions to overcome those challenges were developed.

The flagship string was the six-pointed Solstice Power, and its patented Star Core Technology, designed for massive spin and insane ball bite. From there, 4 other variations of string were released all developed with a specific player in mind. After explosive growth in the early history of Diadem, performance rackets were then designed  - Elevate 98 and Nova 100. Diadem currently offers a full product-line of performance tennis gear including strings, racquets, balls, bags, accessories and more recently, Pickleball equipment.

Team Diadem has continued to spread as several of the top colleges, coaches, and junior players embrace the brand and what it represents. Diadem is making a global impact in the tennis market - and they're just getting started. To apply for a partnership and to join the Team Diadem movement, please apply here.

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Our passion for tennis is what drives us to be the best. We want to continue to help grow the game of tennis worldwide at all levels and platforms. These include; grass roots programs, charities, special events, sponsorships and tournaments.  

Have a program or event in mind? Reach out to us and let's help grow this game together.​ Our goal is to continue to create and innovate new high quality, unique products that are specifically designed to help players maximize and enhance their skill set and give all levels of players a competitive advantage.