String Technology

This technology uses a six-pointed geometric cross section that equally distributes contact between strings, thereby minimizing friction significantly to allow for explosive snap back.  

 At the same time the star shape provides a larger surface area creating more bite on the ball at impact to achieve maximum spin potential.​  

Conversely, the Solstice shape allows for less friction between the cross and the main strings due to minimum contact as the points of the star interact with each other. This reduced friction results in explosive snap back, a key component in spin generation.​  

This phenomenom takes place regardless of the gauge, as the edges come to the same 60-degree angles no matter the diameter of the overall string.

 Therefore, extreme spin is capable with any gauge of Solstice strings. 

Our Star Core Technology is found in all our Solstice Power, Solstice Black and Elite XT line of strings, and is Patent Pending


Our string uses a proprietary extrusion process for long lasting tension maintenance. The process requires an exact temperature controlled quenching system and has enhanced the playability of our strings.  

The unique material compound was designed and enhanced with special additives for dynamic comfort.​We have designed the most unique balance of comfort, performance and spin on the market.  

Don't believe it? See our test results from USRSA (United States Racquet Stringing Association).