Impulse Reel

Impulse Reel

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Diadem Impulse offers a perfect blend of comfort, touch, power, and feel.Designed when an extra layer of polyamide coating for increased durability and control. It’s also great for all types of players that love the classic gut-like feel of a multifilament.


Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power of Impulse. As a high end multifiliament, Impulse can match up with the best in the synthetic string market. Tennis elbow sufferers looking for a softer, more comfortable string should also give Impulse a try.


As a multifilament, we don't recommend hybriding Impulse with Solstice or Elite if the user has moderate to fast swings in semi-western or western grips. Suggest Impulse to be played in a full bed or hybrid for recreational players or those who aren't looking for long durability. Suggest tension at their normal multifilament level.


Impulse String Reels are 200m in length and come in the following gauges (thickness):

  • 17 (1.25mm)
  • 16 (1.32mm)

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