Solstice Black Reel

Solstice Black Reel

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Diadem Solstice Black is a new generation of comfortable, soft co-poly strings with a six-pointed star shape.  Similar to our Solstice Power flagship string, Solstice Black due to its black pigment will play softer.  Also, with our improved extrusion process you will find better tension maintenance that with its predecessor.  The result is a string that combines a low-friction surface with maximum ball bite.


Solstice Black is ideal for players looking for a maximum spin potential with a
soft feel. Beginners to advanced players can benefit from the added bite, and
the comfortable fiber is easy on the arm. However, the more racket speed a
player can generate the greater the benefit they will see.


Solstice Black with its comfortable material is recommended to be used in a
full bed. Recreational users should use 17 or 18 gauge. If requested to be
used in a hybrid, Diadem Flash should be used due to its durability against
sharp edged poly. Tension should be dropped up to 5% from current setup
with its high tension maintenance between stringing and first hit.


Solstice Black String Reels are 200m in length and come in the following gauges (thickness):

  • 18 (1.15mm) - Best Feel
  • 17 (1.20mm)
  • 16L (1.25mm) - Most Popular
  • 16 (1.30mm)
  • 15L (1.35mm) - Most Durable